News Brief

June 08

We are pleased to announce that we recently obtained our ISO 9001:2000 certification. Our audit was performed by ABS Quality Evaluations of Houston Texas. If you would like to view our certificate please click on the ISO link found on any page on our website. We are convinced that the regimen and discipline required to obtain, and maintain, the certification will serve us well in our efforts to provide our customers with exceptional service.

We have experienced a steady growth since we expanded our facility in 2006 and we have grown to twenty seven employees. We have added several new machines during this time, but in particular the OKUMA Multus Turning/Milling Machine has proven to be a great addition to our line of equipment. Due to its seven axis capability, synchronized spindles, and its 25 h.p. milling head, it has made us more competitive in both our quoting and actual production. Our versatile equipment, combined with our experience and dedication to quality and service, is why we encourage you to contact us to see how we can be of assistance to you.

November 06

Site Improvement Plan / 06 Expansion

2006 has been a busy year for us here at L & R. Last winter Coleman Adams broke ground on our expansion project and we now have all of our operations under one roof. We are quite pleased with the new building and the workmanship provided by Coleman Adams Construction Company of Forest, VA. The increased square footage to our production area, coupled with the vastly improved parking plus shipping and receiving areas, are a welcome addition. We also have available the adjacent four acre parcel that we purchased last year for future expansions or buildings as needed.We have added our second KIWA Horizontal Machining center with a 500mm X 500mm pallet with 120 tools. Also a Brown & Sharpe One CMM with PC DMIS software and motorized probe head. It’s travels are 27.6″ in X and Y and 19.7″ in Z. 

December 05

There is a lot going on as we head into winter here at L&R. Unfortunately not all of the news to report is good. Don Raby, cofounder of the company in 1997, passed away on August 4th 2005. Don had retired in the spring of 2004 so his passing won’t affect the day to day operations, but we simply wish, for he and his family, that he would have had more time to enjoy his retirement.