As alluded to in recent News Briefs, we have moved forward with one of Allen’s projects to make us more technologically advanced. It was a very significant investment and demonstrates the commitment by Clay and the family to continue Allen’s legacy. Please visit our Home Page or the Okuma Palletace / Fastems FMS Page to view the time lapse video of it’s installation.

It is an OKUMA Palletace / FASTEMS Flexible Manufacturing System integrated with 3 OKUMA MB4000H Horizontal Machining Centers. The current configuration is 80 feet long with 2 loading stations, 56 pallet capacity and the Cell Controller. Our great experiences with OKUMA and the support and service that we have received from Morris South along with Fastems reputation were very instrumental in making a commitment of this scope.

We also value the relationship that we have with First Citizens Bank as they have been a valuable partner in our growth as well.

Please visit the Okuma Palletace / Fastems FMS Page to learn more details.