We have implemented this FMS to better meet our customers’ needs for shorter lead times and volume pricing on smaller batch sizes. For parts most effectively run on horizontals the system can practically eliminate set up times by leaving the fixtures in place on the pallets for repeat orders. The Okuma Control can intuitively schedule production 24/7 while adjusting for break in jobs as needed on the three identically configured Okuma MB 4000H horizontal machining centers.

Our current system configuration is eighty feet long and has a high speed stacker crane, two levels of pallet storage, two loading stations and the Okuma Cell Controller.

FMS Installation Video

It is expandable to four loading stations with up to ten machines to accommodate future growth. We integrated three Okuma MB 4000H Horizontal Machining Centers. They are identical to more easily accommodate production scheduling and features include : 15,000 rpm spindles, 400 mm tables, full fourth axis indexing capabilities, 1000 psi through the spindle coolant, 22” x 22” x 24.5” travels and 146 capacity tool changers. Additional options to increase productivity include heat shrink tooling with a tool pre setter and onboard monitoring of tool life, tool breakage, TMac spindle load and auto gauging Renishaw probing.

Our great experiences with Okuma and the support and service that we have received from Morris South, along with Fastems reputation, were very instrumental in making a commitment of this scope. Regarding the video we were pleased to have found the music that accompanies it, the song is Drive Me Home by Barrie Gledden & Kes Loy. We affectionately refer to it as Mike McDaniels’ Bucket Dance.We would like to thank Mike and his team with Morris South as he did an excellent job at coordinating this project. Also thanks to Nathan Lattz and his crew with Fastems, Pro-Pac International Rigging and First Citizens Bank.

The Design2Part Magazine August 2017 Edition showcased technologies to “Erase the Obstacles to Innovation”. They featured L&R and our Flexible Manufacturing System as the lead story in the Industry News section. To see the article click here.