November 2015

September 2015

Nikon VMR-3020 with Laser



To further enhance our inspection capabilities, and our commitment to improve efficiencies on our customer’s behalf, we have acquired the Nikon VMR-3020 Vision Inspection System. It is a Multi Sensing NEXIV versatile part measurement platform with 300 x 200 mm stage stroke. It handles a variety of measurement tasks and features include:


Standard head with 15X high-speed zoom

The standard head features 5-step, 15X high-speed zoom, providing greater flexibility in choosing magnifications according to the size of the measuring area.


Wide field, high N.A. objective lens

The highly corrected objective lens is equivalent to those found in Nikon’s top-end microscopes. They have a high N.A. of 0.35 with a long 50mm working distance at all magnifications.


Upgraded TTL Laser AF

TTL Laser AF provides high resolution, long working distances, and fast operating speed for perfect focusing on narrow spaces at low magnifications. High-speed scanning measurement is possible at a rate of 1000 points per second max., enabling ultra-precise Z-axis measurements in a variety of applications.


High-speed, high-precision Vision AF

Thanks to the adoption of a new algorithm and a progressive scan CCD camera, Vision AF now provides greater speeds and accuracy closer to TTL Laser AF. Vision AF is convenient for applications where TTL Laser AF cannot be used, for example, when focusing on chamfered or round edges. The Multiple-Vision AF enables the simultaneous measurement of multiple points with different heights within the field of view.