September 2013

September 2013

The Leath's
From left to right: Clay, Sherry, Ginger & Allen


We would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and kind words concerning Allen.

Allen’s untimely passing was naturally a shock to all of us. As we have stated, his meticulous planning has left the company on very solid financial footing. He will be sorely missed as he was such a great employer, friend and person.

There is good news as well to report. Clay Leath, Allen’s brother, has come on board to lead the company. Clay has thirty years of machining experience and associate and bachelor degrees in Manufacturing Technology.

Clay and Allen were very close and were sounding boards for each other as they moved through their careers. Due to this, Clay was very aware of Allen’s plans and long term goals for the company. Clay and his sisters, Ginger and Sherry, want to see the company fulfill these goals to continue Allen’s legacy.

We are very pleased with Clay’s decision to come in and lead the company as President. For those of you who knew Allen, we want you to know that they share many traits. Clay’s demeanor, management style, attention to detail and values parallel with Allen’s.

Clay’s background is in the screw machine field. Because of that, naturally people are asking if L & R will migrate towards this area. Clay feels the future success for L & R and our customers is to follow Allen’s plans of a more technologically advanced shop. The evidence of this is that in the past few years L & R has acquired two seven axis Okuma mill/turn centers and continued to add to our five axis offerings.

Allen had plans for several new projects that will further enhance L & R’s capabilities to continue to meet our customer’s needs. All of which Clay hopes to incorporate within the next year.