L&R is a AS9100 Rev D and ISO 9001:2015 certified, ITAR & GIDEP registered machine job shop.

We have always excelled at machining complex, tightly toleranced parts even in exotic materials, titanium and Inconel’s in particular, with tolerances of plus or minus .0002”.

Machine tools and systems we use include our Okuma Palletace / Fastems Flexible Manufacturing System currently configured with three Okuma MB 4000H horizontal machining centers. Along with two 7 axis Okuma Multus Mill/Turns, multiple 4 & 5 axis milling centers and 4 axis wire EDM to complement our conventional CNC milling and turning. We also have a Manual Department and are well equipped to handle your machining needs from prototypes to production runs. Our inspection equipment includes four Brown & Sharpe CMM’s, two are automated with articulating motorized probes, and all are capable of producing inspection reports specific to our customers’ needs.

FMS Installation Video

We are very proud of our equipment and facility but our greatest asset is our people. They are talented and dedicated and understand that only through our customers’ long term success can we succeed. Given the opportunity you’ll understand why most of our employees and customers have been with us for many years and view us as trusted partners.

Since 1997 we have been serving customers in the manufacturing and service industries such as:

Aeropace / Aviation
DOD / DOE Projects
Nuclear Plant Inspections
Surgical / Scientific
Night Vision
Fiber Optic
Oil Downhole Products
Filtration Products
Electronic Components
Valve Manufacturers

Due to the nature of our customers’ needs we are accustomed to extensive traceability, documentation and inspection requirements. Our Telesis Laser Marker with rotary indexer is used for permanent part marking when specified.

Home Titanium Baseplate for British & U.S. Submarines #1

Titanium Baseplate / Antenna System British & U.S. Subs

Inconel Components / Used in harsh environmental conditions

Inconel Components / Utilized in harsh environmental conditions

Fixture made from Titanium / Nuclear Industry

Fixture made from Titanium / for the Nuclear Industry

In addition to machining titanium and the multiple grades of Inconel’s we are also experienced with molybdenum and Super Duplex. We have made many components to perform in extreme conditions. Examples include titanium base plates for antenna systems on submarines and Inconel housings utilized in deep oil well drilling to unique fasteners used on the exterior of the International Space Station.

Our Mission Statement

To provide our customers, our employees and our community with excellence in all that we endeavor to do. The quality that we deliver in our parts and our service requires a direct and conscious effort by everyone within our company and we are proud to be continuing Allen’s legacy.