7 Axis Mill / Turn & CNC Lathes

Multus axis diagram



OKUMA MULTUS B300W Multifunction Turning / Milling Center with full seven axis capability, 22 H.P. milling head with 10,000 rpm spindle, 10″ main and 8″ synchronized spindles with OSP 200 L control with LNS bar feed.


OKUMA MULTUS B200W Multifunction Turning/Milling Center with full seven axis capability, 16 H.P. milling head with 12,000 rpm spindle, with 6″ synchronized main and sub spindles with LNS bar feed.

TSUGAMI MO6SY-II turning center with Y-axis and subspindle, live tooling capability on all positions with powerful milling capabilities. 10 horsepower 8 inch main and 7.4 horsepower 6 inch subspindle, 4500rpm with a Fanuc Oi-TD Control and a LNS Super Hydro bar feeder.


ECOCA SJ 35 HT turning center, 30 H.P., 12″ chuck, 29.5″ Z travel with Fanuc control.

ECOCA SJ 25 HT turning center, 25 H.P., 8″ chuck, 20.4″ Z travel with Fanuc control and a MTA bar feed.

ECOCA SJ 20 HT turning center, 10 H.P., 6″ chuck,14.7″ Z travel  with Fanuc control.

YCI Supermax TC-2-8 turning center, 10 H.P., 8″ chuck, 19.76 Z travel with Fanuc control.

One seat MASTERCAM Version 10 X7 Lathe package