Company History


Allen Leath    1966-2013

L & R was formed in the spring of 1997 by Allen Leath (right) and Don Raby (left). Don retired in the spring of 2004 and he passed away in the fall of 2005. L & R started with five people in 3600 square feet and has grown to thirty eight employees in 57,800 square feet. We have a nucleus of people who have contributed greatly to our success. Notably eleven of our employees have been with us for fifteen years or longer and another three for greater than ten years.

Don and Allen plus these three gentlemen were the original five employees.


Allen passed away unexpectedly on August 24th 2013 as a result of complications from treatment of colon cancer. Allen was very meticulous in his planning and as a result the company is on very solid footing financially and his steady positive nature, for all of us who learned from him, means his influence will always be felt. For more information about Allen please go to our News Brief page.

Allen’s brother Clay is now President of the company and he and the family are committed to continuing Allen’s legacy by seeing the company and its employees grow and prosper. As evidenced by the decision to acquire the OKUMA Palletace / FASTEMS FMS and Okuma horizontals, which represents a very significant investment, and was one of Allen’s plans to take us to the next level. As the company has grown the thought process has and will always be to add to our capabilities when practical.

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